About Me

As a T1 daughter of a T1, I’ve got a unique view on diabetes. I’ve grown up with it, but got to experience life without it. I’ve seen it from the outside, but I’ve always been an insider. I got to follow in the path carved out by someone better at this than me — a path that I can then even out the bumps and make easier for those behind me.

Sometimes I'm a hot mess.
Sometimes I’m a hot mess.

And that’s why I’m here. I know how scary it is when you get that diagnosis that you’ve been fighting. But I also know how oddly relieving it is to get that same diagnosis. The bundle of emotions can be overwhelming.

But it can be a fun ride, too. I’m having fun. Well, at least some of the time.

Diabetes, especially Type 1, used to be this thing were you might never meet someone your entire life with the same illness.

It doesn’t have to be that lonely any more. You don’t have to carve out a new path and fight for every step. I’m excited to share my experiences to make the path easier.

But my life isn’t just about diabetes — and yours isn’t either! You see, I’ve got the most loving and supportive fiance imaginable. I’ve also got four cats:

Tilda and Victoria
Tilda and Victoria
Arthur and Indy
Arthur and Indy

I also work from home in the web hosting industry. Yup, I get to work in my pajamas every day. I wouldn’t give it up for the world.

When I’m not carb counting or cleaning up cat poop, I’m learning how to watercolor, learning Chinese, and, well, learning. I love to learn about nearly anything and everything. Learning is addictive to me.

And I hope that you, here, can learn something, too. Maybe something practical, maybe something silly, or just maybe that you’re not alone.