Net Neutrality and Spreading the Good News

A few years ago, the FCC ruled in favor of “Net Neutrality.” What this is is that it ensures that any person (like me or any of your other favorite Christian, lifestyle, or mommy bloggers) who puts their content on the internet has an equal chance of people seeing that message. With Net Neutrality gone, internet companies will be able to bundle “packages” together to charge you more for the internet. For example, a basic package may start with CNN and Fox News (like on your cable package), but you would have to upgrade to get other services like Netflix, and upgrade even further to be able to play video games online.

Frankly, there’s no telling what will happen to blogs like this, blogs in general, or even Christian websites like

As you know, I have multiple chronic illnesses and going to a physical church is often very difficult for me. When I can’t go to my local church, I attend at Their online church (not just a recording, a meeting of parishioners as well) has spread the Gospel and converted hundreds of people to Christ.

Indeed, the internet at large has converted hundreds of thousands of people, including me. I would not be Christian today if it weren’t for me being able to access websites that aren’t popular or mainstream, and hear the good news from them.

If the FCC overturns the current Title II Net Neutrality ruling, control of the internet will be in the hands of mainstream media companies which, as you know, are rarely in sync with the values of most Christian denominations.

Please consider contacting the FCC and your local congress representatives to urge them to maintain Net Neutrality:

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