Headcovering and extra attention

Have you ever worn a red shirt to Target and had random people coming up to you, asking you questions? Often, wearing a headcovering feels a bit like that. It’s as if I’m wearing some church “uniform” and wearing a big sign that says, “Talk to me about liturgy!”

This is actually the most difficult part of headcovering to me. Just as putting on a uniform, or wearing your sorority letters, immediately turns you and your actions into a representative into that organization, putting on that headcovering turns you into an ambassador for Christ. You always were an ambassador for the Kingdom of God, but now you’re in uniform and everyone sees it.

This is excellent in the fact that it proclaims the coming of the Kingdom. But let’s not cover up the fact that this can be really draining for an introvert — an introvert like me.

Yup, I love headcovering but it often feels like work. I never feel like I get negative attention for it, but I do get attention and a lot of it. When I’d rather be in the shadows, people are asking me my testimony. When I’d rather sit quiet as a mouse, people are asking me why I wear it. When I’d rather have my nose in the Bible and the world shut out, people are wanting to tell me how beautiful I am.

I know it sounds awful. But part of being an introvert is that social interactions drain me, instead of revitalize me. I enjoy them, but they are draining none the less. A bit like how I love water parks, but they wear me out. I love these questions and things people bring to me, but I’ll be honest and admit that they wear me out.

But I think that’s part of the purpose of headcovering, at least for me. It stretches my comfort zone to push me to evangelize within the church (the “New Evangelization”). Merely me sitting there with this thing on my head is evangelizing. And every action and word I take with it on my head becomes a statement of “This is how a Christian acts.” To me, the challenge is draining, but I feel it’s worthwhile and when I get through each interaction gracefully, I am grateful that God carried me through.

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