Don’t let chronic illness clutter your heart: organization!

What overwhelmed me on my diagnosis day wasn’t the diabetes. I have a family filled with diabetes so I was ready for it. Instead, it was the stuff. So much stuff! I felt like I was leaving a convention with swag-bags galore! I came home and put the stuff on a table and it was everywhere. Falling out of bags, no rhyme or reason, no organization, and only barely understanding what all the stuff did. It was the perfect picture for how I really felt — out of control.

Seeing all that stuff everywhere broke me.

I still can’t explain why having all those medical supplies strewn out all crazy upset me so much. Let’s be real here — I am not the tidiest person! But to this day, you can get a pretty good idea on how I feel about my diabetes based on how my diabetes supplies are organized.

The things being everywhere weighed me down. It weighed on my heart. I couldn’t keep the supplies where they belonged, let alone keep my blood sugar where it belonged!

Recently, I got my diabetes supplies back in check. I wanted to share some of the ways that keep this overwhelming “stuff” in the house from becoming overwhelming “stuff” in my heart and mind.

I got this under the bed drawer back when I was about to move out of my parents house for the first time. There were actually¬†two but one went missing in a move. In looking at “under the bed organization” lately, the products that are out there are woefully inadequate. Most of the storage, I think, is meant for more long term storage because you’re required to pull the while drawer out just to open it up. It doesn’t matter if what you need is right at the front, you have to pull the whole thing out.

Under the bed medicine organization
Under the bed medicine organization

What I like about this is that it’s a literal drawer that I can pull in and out as needed. I keep the things I want at my fingertips in the front, and the things that aren’t so important in the back. I also like that it’s stackable. Our bed could have two layers, though I know some people’s beds can’t.

But it’s not quite as simple as “get a drawer.” If you were to just throw all your stuff inside the drawer, things would go crazy very quickly. From here, I just used the boxes that my supplies came in (supplemented with Amazon Prime boxes cause we’re straight-up-Amazon-addicts), cut them so that they are shallow enough for the drawer, and used that to separate the supplies from each other.

By doing this, all my supplies are under my control. They sit where I want them to sit. They become my tools, instead of my overloads.

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