Pump preventative action — save your settings!

Glooko saved my insulin pump settings and saved me so much hassle too!
Glooko saved my insulin pump settings and saved me so much hassle too!

Save your pump settings! When my pump was declared dead by Insulet, the first thing I did was call my endocrinologist. He said he was sending me in a script for Lantus and to take the same amount of Lantus as my total daily basal rate was on my pump.

Well, how much was that?

I certainly wouldn’t have known save for the fact that just a few days earlier, I had gotten curious about glooko. Being stubbornly nosey about technology, I dug up my Omnipod cord that I hadn’t used in years, and got my data synced into Glooko. I don’t really like the Glooko interface (I prefer to use my xDrip+ setup), but it saved me immeasurable stress and drama when my pump died. I would have had to start completely over figuring out my basal and bolus rates. Years of work tweaking those down the drain!

It’s easy to forget that your insulin pump can break, too. Remember to save your settings to make it easier on you if something goes wrong!

I wont say it’s easy typing all these settings back into the omnipod now that the new one has arrived, but it’s a million times easier than starting from scratch.

Please save your settings! I know the CDE told me to do that right when I was diagnosed and I never did until that coincidental upload into glooko.

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